No spin, left or right.
No peer pressure. 
Just the truth. 

Three Over Easy is a unique form of social engagement that's focused on what’s inside you. What you — and your fellow human beings — are thinking, feeling and doing.
Every single day.

Share your true voice.
And connect to the voices
of others. 

We are upgrading our online platform to meet demand and to accommodate substantially more members. So we have temporarily suspended our daily questions.

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How it works is simple,
powerful and anonymous.

Each morning, we send out three “Yes” or “No” questions. Topics range from the issues of the day to personal experiences.

It takes just seconds to easily answer all three questions. (Hence, our name: Three Over Easy.)

The same day, you receive the compiled results of everyone’s answers — a shared, daily snapshot of what we all believe and how we’re living our lives.  

So you can quickly see how your thoughts and feelings compare to those of other participants. 

Sample Results

About us

In 2020, a small group of Chicago thought leaders and innovators created Three Over Easy to provide a platform for truth. No political spin from any party. No media bias, left or right. Just a safe, straightforward way to express what we all feel and think about life in our respective cities and countries – and on the single world we share.

The science of being social

At our very core, we are social beings who are innately driven to cultivate relationships with family, friends and communities. In order to nourish relationships, we need to know how others think, feel and behave about what’s happening in the world.

This understanding establishes social norms — the expectations, responsibilities and behaviors we adopt. Norms guide and direct our behaviors, provide order and predictability in social relationships, and help us understand each other’s actions.

This is how we create trust and is why most people conform to social norms.

The desire and need to know what other people think and feel about what’s happening in life is behind the intrinsic appeal of Three Over Easy. It offers the easiest, most compelling way to share your own feelings and beliefs – and gauge how they stack up with everyone else’s.